Like you, our leadership team continues to closely follow the rapidly changing COVID-19 precautions that our community is taking to slow the spread of the virus. We are also taking precautions here at eHealth Technologies, and we deeply appreciate your flexibility as we all work through this together.

Our work-from-home trial is under way and this trial will help make the process as smooth as possible as we expand work-from-home provisions.

Today we are packing up computer equipment for employees who were required to stay home for reasons related to COVID-19 school closures and preventive measures. We are awaiting the delivery of some of the equipment required for home set up, which should start to arrive today. Employees who are home will hear from us with instructions about where and when to pick up computers so that work can begin as early as Tuesday. Our plan is to gradually deploy work-from-home set ups as our supplies arrive throughout the week.

Once the work-from-home set up is complete for an individual, normal attendance policies apply. If you’re working from home and are unable to work, standard procedures and policies will be in effect.

As soon as you are set up to work from home, we look forward to starting to work with you in your new environment!

We are continuing to discuss our business continuity plans in Imaging and will provide more details as things evolve.

As promised, we will share status updates at least once a day. To ensure that we are communicating with all of you no matter where you are, we will send emails to both your work and home addresses. You can also access updates from Paylocity in the “News” section, or here on our employee website.

If you have questions, please talk with your manager. I encourage you to take frequent hand-washing breaks, and take a walk outside to soak up some sunshine!

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to eHealth Technologies and the important work we do.