Retention of our top talent has been an ongoing focus for some time now.  To maintain a laser focus, a global retention committee was formed.  Representatives from Operations in the US and India, IT, HR and the Executive team meet regularly to ensure each of the various functional areas are implementing initiatives to keep their teams engaged and committed to our clients and their patients.

More specifically, the US Operations Retention team issued an employee survey to obtain feedback on why employees choose to stay at eHealth Technologies to help the team further build on what is working well and to understand where there is a need for improvement.  Personal treatment was one of the top areas that employees felt needed further improvement.  Employees shared that some coworkers & managers needed to be reminded about how to effectively communicate and interact with one another within their teams and other departments.  From there, a sub-committee was formed to identify how eHealth Technologies can improve interactions overall.  The team brainstormed several suggestions which ultimately led to the this final result. Please click here to view our Rules of Engagement.

These universal eHealth Technologies rules of engagement apply to all team members across the company and we should each model these behaviors at all times when interacting with one another.  These guidelines will strengthen our bond and connection with one another that will enhance our ability to deliver superior services to our clients.

We encourage everyone to print out the attached list and proudly display in your work space.

We would like to take a moment to recognize and show our appreciation to the subcommittee members that made this possible:  Jean Marie Ross (Committee Chair), Felicia Hunt, Heather Pankrath, Nicholas Engle, and former employee Kimberly Cuddeback.

– Operations Retention Committee