Below are the objectives and key results for the month of May 2022:

We have seen a dip in our ability to turn cases around in a timely manner, which has resulted in delays for patients who desperately need life-saving care. We’ve identified root causes to be system outages, further delays in Outreach automation, and the operational changes due to the departure of MD Anderson. In response, our Technology team is currently executing the IT recovery plan to ensure a reliable infrastructure, we have deployed a new development team to deliver Outreach automation as quickly as possible and with the delay in Outreach automation, we have increased staff and reduced productivity goals compared to plan. The Operations team is focused on meeting the productivity goal every day.

As it relates to customer expectations, the case turnaround time has been challenging and noticed by customers, but the customer success management team is doing a good job managing the situation. We are continuing to gather the voice of the customer by listening. We are reaching out to those who gave us a low customer survey score to understand the reasoning behind the score they gave and to learn what they’d like to see done differently.

As it relates to growth, we were unable to close the sales gap in May but are forecasting to be back on plan by the end of June with plans to bring on a couple of new customers. The delay in sales throughout the year is having a negative impact on revenue for the back half of the year but we are still forecasting to be close to plan.
As it relates to employee retention, we are behind where we hoped to be, but have taken a lot of actions to improve employee engagement. We see an opportunity for managers to support their team members, and for team members to be sure to take the time to complete their IDPs and review them with their managers.

It is important that we reduce the turnaround times for our patients so that we can get back to advancing the delivery of life-altering care. We need the Operations team to eliminate the backlog as quickly as possible and we need the development team to delivery on Outreach automation in the next few months. I have full confidence in each and every one of you and appreciate everyone’s hard work and commitment to advancing the delivery of life-altering care.