On January 21st at the first quarterly All Staff Meeting of the year, CEO Jeff Markin shared 2019 results, goals for 2020, and introduced five new core values that will serve as a guide for how we do our work, how we treat one another, and who we hire to join our team.

All Staff Values Presentation

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Below is a summary of questions and answers from all four meeting sessions.

Q: When K2 goes down, it seriously impacts productivity. Is there a plan to address this?
A:  We are aware of the limitations that we have with K2 and this is the reason we are transitioning to the Decision platform this year. The first piece to roll out will be DocQA in the April time frame, then News and Follow-ups in the August time frame.

Q: In Operations, when do we get “credit” for closed locations?
A: We must close all locations within each case before we get credit for them.

Q: What does the Operations goal of 12.1 closed locations per person mean?
A:  This is an overall department goal. It is the average number for each person working together as a team. We do not track it by individual or by region.

Q: We have some old equipment, like an old copier in Imaging, that slows our productivity. Are there plans to replace it?
A:  Every employee is encouraged to bring these types of issues forward so that we can address them. We are in the process of changing our copier vendor to help this particular issue.

Q:  I heard a rumor that we may be changing phone companies.
A:  We are currently exploring new phone vendors that offer technology enhancements that our current system does not offer. For example, a phone system capable of leaving automated messages will increase productivity.

Q: What’s the best way to share our ideas?
A:  Talk with your supervisor or other leaders. You are also welcome to send an email to BrilliantIdeas@eHealthTechnologies.com or share an anonymous suggestion in the Feedback Box outside the Bistro.

Q:  Is there a plan for balancing the growth of the Sales team with resources to handle the workload?
A: Our plan is to balance the improvements in productivity with the anticipated new business volume.  So as we become more productive we are better able to scale to the new volume.  That is why the work we are doing with new workflows and the implementation of Decisions is so important.

Q:  Is the new workflow experimental and will it continue if it doesn’t work, or will we move on to something else?
A:  We will continue to make changes that we believe will improve productivity. While we understand that everything we try won’t work, it will help in our learning and the identification of changes that will make us more productive.  That is what continuous improvement is all about.  We need everyone to contribute ideas and be open to trying new ways of working to achieve our company and client goals.

Q: We spend a lot of time tracking our follow-ups and performance in Excel. Is this something that will be automated in the future?
A:  Decisions will help with this. There will be functionality built into Decisions that will track the work we do, which will replace the manual reporting we do today.