Be proactive and get the experts involved

Cybercriminals target organizations of all size, regardless of industry. Increasingly, there is pressure from executives and the board of directors to improve an organization’s security posture, as well as regulatory compliance requirements to meet stringent cybersecurity standards.

However, many organizations lack the internal expertise to set a security strategy and then configure systems to ensure security objectives are being met. Qualified cybersecurity executive leadership and engineering talent is expensive and difficult to recruit in the midmarket. Plus, technical cybersecurity skills are difficult to maintain, and practitioners generally want consistent challenges — which may not always be present in midmarket organizations.

Next steps
Consider a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO): This outsourced CISO would not be acting as your organization’s security leader, but rather as an advisor and mentor who provides insight to your organization based on their years of experience in the profession. Their mentorship of one or more employees in your organization can help you develop the internal security resources you need to protect your business.
Enter into a retainer agreement with an incident response firm: This firm can help you contain, eradicate and recover from a threat in a timely manner, which means you can safeguard your organization and get back to business faster.
Work a managed security services provider: This firm can monitor your network for suspicious events, as well as harden your network and make you more resistant to cybersecurity attack.
Perform penetrating testing: Engage penetration testers on a regular basis to validate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity safeguards and controls.