Enhance your physical security

Cybercriminals are using social engineering techniques to gain unauthorized, physical access to restricted areas. They are stealing company documents and computers to retrieve sensitive data.

This can result in not only robbery but also malware installation, data breaches, corporate espionage and the loss of access control in and out of your property due to stolen identification.

Next steps
Watch out for tailgating and piggyback rides: Prevent unauthorized entry to restricted spaces by watching out for tailgating (i.e., “slipping” in behind someone when entering a restricted area) and piggyback rides (i.e., using social engineering to convince someone to provide access to a restricted area).
Make sure everything is locked: Lock devices, doors and drawers to prevent unwanted access. Also, test automatic locks and keypads. The last thing you want is to think your server room is secured only to find out the keypad’s battery has been dead and the door is unlocked.
Frequently shred documents: Shred documents with any sensitive information, in a timely manner, and ensure these shredded documents are disposed of properly.