Test your data backup plan

So we discussed how having a backup plan is critical, but testing your backup systems is just as essential. Have you checked whether your backups are corrupt? That your configurations are backing up the correct data? That the right personnel can access backup systems and data?

Do all stakeholders know your backup recovery plan, and do they agree with your backup and recovery priorities? Do your personnel know their part in the backup recovery plan?

To adequately protect your business’s valuable data, follow these next steps as they align with your organization’s risk appetite.

Next steps
• Back up data on a regular basis: Set your backup tool to back up systems and data periodically during off hours.
• Check for integrity: Randomly test specific backup media to check for integrity. Even better, implement data-integrity-checking software.
• Conduct testing: Test each responsible party’s access to backup systems and data. Also, conduct a tabletop exercise with a specific recovery scenario to test all involved parties’ steps in the plan.
• Plan and confirm: Confirm who the stakeholders are for data that is being backed up and confirm backup and recovery priorities with those stakeholders and management.
• Refresh and update your backup and recovery plans: Do this on an annual basis, as well as after you make any necessary changes for deficiencies based on testing.