Your Questions Answered

Check out the responses below to common questions and comments that employees are asking about some of the recent Caring Together initiatives that have been introduced over the past few weeks.


If you already have money in your 401K – is that going to be matched or does the matching begin on Oct. 1, 2019?

The match to your 401k deferrals start 10.1.19. There is no match in deferral prior to 10.1.19.

Is there going to be a pension plan?

We’re very excited to now offer a 401K match for all employees beginning Oct. 1, 2019, which makes our benefits competitive and attractive in today’s marketplace. We do not have plans to offer a pension, which is consistent with nationwide trends. In 2017, 16% of Fortune 500 Companies offered pensions, down from 59% in 1998.*

*GOBankingRates.com14 Companies That Still Offer Pensions

What about birthdays off, Christmas eve off, New Year’s eve off?

We are excited about our improved PTO policy this year that includes accelerated accruals and up to 2 days (16 hours) carry over. While we’d love to offer additional paid holidays, we must remain open and accessible when our customers and patients need us. To balance the needs of our employees and our customers, the day after Thanksgiving on Nov. 29, we will be open for a half day from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. For Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve the office hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will continue to evaluate the possibility of reduced hours of operation surrounding major holidays.


We should have a catered company holiday party – not during office hours!

We love celebrations, too! We have plans for a catered holiday lunch on December 19th. In the past, we’ve held offsite summer celebrations when the weather is nice and we hope to host offsites again in the future.

Can MSKCC get a team shirt?

Three cheers for team spirit! Team shirts are possible as team incentives.  Please work with your RTL and RD.


Quality focus also needs to take into consideration quality issues within cases which are not seen in the RTL/CSS queue.

Thanks for the suggestion.  In order to close a case, all cases flow to the RTL queue for final inspection.

How can we make use of Quality Improvement Training ASAP to improve our station and upward mobility?

We would be delighted and thrilled to help every Operations employee achieve higher performance and quality results and career growth. Please discuss with your RTL.  The quality specialists are here to help.

Spot checks should be happening as time spent to fix mistakes can’t be written in notes, so the customer doesn’t see our errors.

Our customers do not see CSS attention notes and do not see the errors we catch internally.


What about daycare issues? Is this an occurrence?

Any occurrence is defined as an absence that occurs unexpectedly. With proper medical documentation for you or your child’s illness, the occurrence could be forgiven. However, an instance of day care issues would result in an occurrence. We understand that sometimes these things happen…

Do you have to have a doctor’s note for being sick?

A doctor’s note is required if the doctor excuses you from work. If you’re out of work for at least 8 calendar days, contact Human Resources to start a Disability Medical Claim.