As we work toward improving our ability to serve our customers and their patients, we continue to update our workflow in Operations in ways that we believe will improve productivity and closed locations per day. As part of these changes, 18 Customer Support Specialists (CSS) will transfer to different regions based on volumes, staffing needs, and skillset requirements, beginning next week.

To support our growth goals in 2020, we are working toward increasing productivity in a variety of ways, including:

    • New workflow pilot programs, a new follow-up process, and new report prioritization.
    • Software advancements with the transition from K2 to Decisions.
    • Phone system enhancements with added capabilities.
    • Ongoing employee retention initiatives.

“I’d like to thank Our People for their Integrity, outstanding Collaboration, and willingness to improve Customer Care in ways that drive Results. I am very proud to see our new values coming to life as we implement changes to improve our workflow,” said Steve Eckert, VP of Operations, in a memo to employees.

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