Below are the March results of our Objectives and Key Results for 2022.

We continue to make positive progress on our financial goals and are pleased to see not only new clients come on board, but service expansions within our existing client base. We continue to focus on our employee engagement initiatives to improve our retention rate and further demonstrate that we are listening and acting.

It is promising to see the progress made across all four of these objectives. We are on track for most of our key results. We are lagging behind in closed sales, revenue from new products, and employee retention, and are working to deliver on our goal for the year. The sales team believes that they will close the sales bookings gap and be on track by the end of the second quarter, and the human resources team believes the actions that have been taken following our employee engagement survey will allow us to be able to meet our retention goal for the year. We are forecasting a miss on the revenue from new products, but the finance team believes that we will make up the difference in revenue due to increased volumes across our existing products. Our ability to achieve these key results allows us to actively live out our mission, vision, and values, and ensures that we can provide patients access to the care they need in an expedited manner.

We recognize that the month has been challenging, and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication of our entire team as we make progress on the backlog of open cases. Because of your hard work, we are able to help hundreds of thousands of patients each year. You are making a positive impact.