Below are February results of our Objectives and Key Results for 2022.

We continue to make good progress on our financial goals related to gross margin and EBIDTA due to consistent incoming request volume from our clients. Several sales contracts with clients/prospects continue to be delayed due to COVID surges, but we expect to be back on track in Q2. Employee retention had a greater than anticipated dip in February. This is one of the reasons we are so focused on our employee engagement activities based on feedback from the listening session and employee survey we completed in January.

Our progress in these four areas ties directly to our ability to advance the delivery of life-altering care and ensuring that we can provide the highest level of service to the patients that need our help.

It will take the effort of our entire team to get through our growing backlog of open cases during the month of March. I appreciate all of the extra time that the Operations team is putting in to help us close those cases, so clients have the records needed to care for their patients.