Below are the objectives and key results for the month of April 2022:

I am thrilled to report that because of our collective efforts, we continue to make positive progress on all four of our objectives. Our EBITDA margin has been positive every month since January. We continue to be on track for most of our key results, with the exception of closed sales goals for the year. The sales team is working hard to close the gap and is working on building highly qualified backup opportunities into our forecast beginning in June. The Human Resources team continues to report an increase in employee retention, and as of April, all sites reported a positive employee retention rate. The IT team continues to work diligently in addressing challenges with our technology infrastructure and is working on developing a plan to invest in better technology to contribute to our overall success and client satisfaction. Lastly, our excellent customer NPS rating of a +56 is a direct result of everyone’s hard work and commitment to our vision of delivering life-altering care. The Customer Success team is celebrating the wins that came from the most recent customer satisfaction survey and is springing into action with plans to address improvements surrounding client communication and turnaround times to help enhance our score in the future.

I appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication and hope you all realize the impactful role you have in improving the lives of patients every day.