I want to thank everyone for living our values and helping ~30,000 patients to get the care that they desperately needed last month! You help the sickest of the sick to access the treatments that they need. I hope that everyone truly appreciates the impact that they are having on those patients and their families.

We are making great progress against our strategic plan and our 2022 objectives and key results.

Thanks to the dedication of our Operations team, we have seen a rebound in our ability to turn cases around in a timely manner, we have also seen a lot of interest from both new customers as well as existing customers wanting our assistance and I’m very happy to report that the product development team has replanned the creation of the records retrieval platform and is now confident that they will deliver a scalable, secure solution that will allow us to work in a more streamlined way to help improve the patient experience.

We were able to solve the EBITDA gap by reviewing patient demand and increasing future volume projections. We were also able to improve productivity this month, but will not be able to deliver on the plan for the year due to the delay in Outreach automation. With that said, we have been able to invest in innovation and have identified and closed opportunities in two new markets – and we’re piloting a new product (order entry).

As it relates to customer expectations, we are ahead of plan related to the number of patients that we have helped and we have made progress in decreasing turnaround time overall, but some customers have seen increases so we need to make sure that we get the backlog under control in July to keep turnaround time low.

We had an aggressive sales plan and I’m happy to report we are now ahead of plan and are confident that we will deliver on the growth expectations for the year.

As for employee retention, we exceeded the plan for the month and are taking actions to improve employee engagement, but will not be able to deliver on the plan for the year due to higher than expected turnover in Q1.

We are at the half-year point through 2022 and happy to report that we are on our way to having a great year. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and commitment to advancing the delivery of life-altering care.