You’re part of our growing team!

At yesterday’s Caring Together celebration I mentioned that we would soon have exciting news to share about our expansion. Today I am delighted to announce that we are moving forward with our plans to add an office in Southwest Virginia. This means that we will operate offices in three locations:  Rochester, New York, U.S. – currently our largest site; Hyderabad, Telangana, India; and our newest site will be in Scott County, Virginia, U.S.

With the help of collaborations and funding through various grants to encourage business development in Scott County Virginia, we are exploring location options in a business area that’s becoming known as the East Coast’s new center for electronic information technology businesses.

The addition of our new location in Scott County:

  • Supports our strategic growth plan to double the size of our company within the next three years
  • Provides security and continuity to our clients in the event of regional interruptions to our business workflow (due to weather, power supply, disease or other factors)
  • Broadens our workforce talent pool
  • Offers us the opportunity to partner with the local community college for recruiting and training Operations employees

In addition to hiring more employees in both Rochester and Hyderabad, we plan to hire 160 Operations employees over five years to staff our new customer support center in Virginia, bringing needed jobs to the Appalachian Mountains area.

In alignment with our company values, we are pleased to provide more opportunities for employees, while offering enhanced security and reliability to care for our customers and their patients.

I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of our growing company, especially during a period of time when many businesses are struggling.

In an effort to provide more information and answer some of your questions, please refer to the two resources attached:

If you have additional questions, please bring them forward and we will do our best to answer them as our plans progress.