This month’s Continuing Privacy and Security Training is focused on a Phishing Attack that involved one of our employees. The spear phishing attack was disguised as an email from Jeff Markin, CEO, that asked for the employee’s “cell phone number for an urgent task related to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

There may be other employees in the U.S. and India who received this email. Please be assured that no one in an executive leadership or management role will ever ask you for personal information from a email address. If you were tricked by a spear phishing email, please contact to let him know the extent of the conversation you had with the attacker. We would need to know the information shared with the attacker in an effort to avoid a successful attack to our network.

Cybercriminals are continuing to leverage the COVID-19 pandemic to steal personal information, professional information, or money. Please protect our network and safeguard customer data; do not click on any suspicious links from your eHealth computer.

Stay safe and healthy.