Don’t stop at antivirus protection — deploy EDR

Ransomware and other malware is becoming so sophisticated that it is evading detection from traditional antivirus technologies. With the average cost of a ransomware attack approaching $2 million, your organization needs endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools to identify malicious processes and system events running within your computers.

EDR software monitors the processes running on these computers to identify abnormal processing activity, detect suspicious events and alert your security team.

Next steps

  • Select an EDR solution: Work with your security team to evaluate leading EDR solutions and deploy one within your environment.
  • Train employees: Ensure your team has the knowledge and capability to respond to alerts generated by EDR.
  • Monitor on-premises and cloud environments: It’s important to monitor your entire attack surface, so ensure your EDR solution is monitoring all your assets — both on premises and in the cloud.

Don’t rely on EDR alone to keep you safe: EDR is part of an overall “defense in depth” strategy and should be one layer of your cybersecurity defenses.