Here is Tip #19 for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Don’t use others’ computers, Wi-Fi or printers.

When you access your data or share your data on anyone else’s system or hardware, you are only as safe as their security.

They may not have the same firewalls as you. In addition, you don’t know what monitoring tools might have been installed.

Steps you can take

1. Avoid using public computers if possible: Though some are managed better than others, you just don’t know the state of that computer, nor do you know how well it’s protected …. It could have spyware installed that would capture all your passwords.

2. Think twice about even simply printing documents: If the document has sensitive information, is the hotel computer or printing/shipping computer the best one to use? Keep in mind that even loading a document on a computer and printing it can leave copies of that document on the computer, the print server and the printer itself.

3. Avoid public or unsecured Wi-Fi or connecting to an unfamiliar network via ethernet cable: If you have to get online, use a VPN provided by your employer.