Review external sharing practices

Many cloud collaboration platforms have out-of-the-box settings to allow open or easy sharing, which lets employees share any information with anyone in or outside your organization. Your employees may not know the level of security that exists (or doesn’t exist) for the information they share.

By establishing and reviewing external sharing practices, you can provide the right information to the right audience.

Next steps

  • Identify locations of sensitive information: Is there information in cloud applications that is sensitive and should have limited or no sharing? Where specifically does that information reside?
  • Configure restrictions on sharing of sensitive information: Discuss protecting sensitive information with your IT department or IT service provider. Implement best practices by following the cloud application vendor’s guidance to secure your sensitive information. Engage an experienced third party if there is uncertainty about how to properly configure sharing.

Implement an ongoing review of stored information and best practices: Regularly take inventory of shared information, since sensitive information may be added in new places. Frequently check your cloud application provider’s best practices for updated information.