Physical Activity Challenge


2021 Heart Health Month – February Physical Activity Challenge

The Centers for Disease Control recommends adults get 150 minutes of physical activity a week. Physical activity is an important part of being heart healthy, which is why we are doing this physical activity challenge in February! There are lots of ways to get moving – walking the dog, gardening, vacuuming/house cleaning, weight lifting, running, playing ball with kids…the list goes on and on.

To participate in the February Physical Activity Challenge just record how many minutes of physical activity you complete daily. At the end of each week you will submit your total minutes for the week online using the form at left.

The deadline to submit your minutes for the week is 11am on Tuesdays. Weekly winners will be announced on Wednesdays.

Use this log to keep track of your minutes each day.

Activity Log PDF

Who Wins?

Everyone that focuses on their health and makes an effort to be physically active wins this challenge.

But we will also give prizes to five employees who participate in the challenge each week – selected at random. Each winner will be able to select an item from the eHealth Technologies company store. Employees who participate all four weeks will be entered to win a grand prize as well!


Email: brilliantideas@ehealthtechnologies.com