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Dale Carnegie FREE Online Workshop – Live Event

Command and control leadership is dead. The time when leaders could throw out an order and their teams would follow it blindly is long gone. If people don’t like your management style they don’t wait; they leave. Those are the facts. That is why more than ever, leaders need to be self-aware and approach situations with empathy and emotional intelligence.

As a leader, you hold many of the keys to your employee’s performance. Your ability to drive performance and result through others is crucial to your success. It all depends on your ability to build confidence, motive, and engage your team.

In this workshop, you’ll learn tools and techniques to better understand how you react to certain situations and people. The process will allow you to gain deeper insights into your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

By gaining new insights into yourself and your own leadership capabilities you can start building your leadership skills. Take the time to understand and reflect on what you need to develop as a leader. Join us for this live interactive workshop and take charge of your own success as a leader.

Participants will be able to:

· Recognize the relationship between perspective and self-awareness

· Identify the positive impact of self-awareness on your ability to effectively lead

· Understand your personal leadership qualities

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